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We Have To Be Better

We’ve to be better. When every villager you are talking to is in tears, there’s something wrong with the society & Governance. The flood-affected cities are back on track. And they proudly say we cleaned the entire city in a day! What about the villages? There’s no clean water there. They are forced to use the water which is full of sewer, mucky soil, & what not!⁣⁣
Women remain the worst affected by this crisis. Patriarchy & Casteism make it even worse. With a smiling face, a few reporters are putting across that there’s no casteism! Why do policymakers, economists, researchers, and many others reduce every crisis to mere statistics and numbers upon which hypothesis can be made?⁣⁣

Livelihoods have been destroyed, there’s no water, no electricity, no sanitation. Why did the media coverage die down after the water receded? This is the worst benchmark you can set for a democracy!⁣⁣
We have to do much better than this. How? Architects & designers, research more on low-cost housing system which can sustain the wrath of disasters. Economists, start looking at the crisis from the perspective of every life matters! Get on the field. Doctors, start helping the poorest. Go to the villages & offer your service! Let this become your Motorcycle Diaries moment. Students, read more. Read much more than your suggested capitalist readings.⁣ Review what you are studying & get on the field to develop your understanding.

Don’t sit in the national capital or other cities & write or research about it. Educate yourselves better! Leave the bourgeois colonies for a while & talk to the people. Look what their life has been reduced to & then go back to your universities & think about it. Engineers & technologists, innovate more on how we can use trash to make incredible machines which uplift humanity. Use your education to help others. Everyone has a role to play in this. Every life matters.⁣⁣
Journalists who are covering the aftermath of floods, please carry masks & eucalyptus oil & distribute it to people. Redefine your definition of Journalism. Today, it’s rural, tomorrow it can be you! We are all in this together.⁣⁣
Let’s rise and lift humanity!

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