You are currently viewing The death of education. Whose education is it, anyway?⁣

The death of education. Whose education is it, anyway?⁣

Not many researchers, journalists, scholars, etc. want to document this crisis. What are we going to teach the next generation who lost their books and hopes in the flood? That we had a massive flood in 2019? Many people died? Forces rescued these many people? And that’s the end?⁣

Since there’s not much documentation, what are they going to refer to, anyway? Welcome to the world of insane research where every human life is reduced to a stat. 16 years of bare minimum education and a lot of students graduate just to serve the top 1 percent. Policymakers who sit in New Delhi decide how to deal with a crisis occurring in rural India. Who manifested this crisis? All they sit and do is write research papers which do no good to the society!⁣

Every year, thousands of students graduate in economics, sociology, design, policy and still, we don’t have a blueprint to deal with disaster? All we do is sit and spend our crucial university years preparing for the next entrance examination. Why prepare for logical reasoning when you don’t have any humanity and empathy left in you?⁣

Start working on your education and not your university’s education. Get on the field, start talking to people, and understand what’s happening instead of crafting your bourgeois reports and research papers on mere numbers.⁣

Let’s educate ourselves better. Evaluate what you are reading. Don’t decide what’s good for the common people by sitting in classrooms.⁣

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