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Teachers Day and Everyday People of Rural India

We should go with an investigative zeal and with a humble spirit, to learn from the great source of wisdom that is the people.⁣

-Che Guevera (The Motorcycle Diaries)⁣

After my graduation, I started travelling the villages of Maharashtra and Karnataka. I had no idea where this would lead me, and there was no looking back. I met several everyday people who are leading a silent revolution in their community and village. Several artists I met have dedicated their entire lives to mastering their art forms. They remain some of the best artists of our country who we have never heard of in the mainstream discourse. I made incredible friends, the oldest one being a 105-year-old practising artist. Yes, 105, you read that right! ⁣

I met people who are battling casteism with their art forms, leading a powerful feminist movement with their poems, challenging patriarchy by fixing the punctured tyres, using dark humor while working as a sweeper to bring down casteism, published poets and authors (who are workers dropped out after primary education), artists who have kept their art form alive. Everything will be history after them. The humanity, empathy, and the love people from the countryside have given me has always been an inspiration. It remains a powerful reminder, that, yes a better world does exist! Imagine an entire art form becoming history within a few years, and you get the opportunity to witness it first-hand. I was exposed to wildlife, and this took me deep inside a few jungles to get closer to the nature. ⁣

These people spoke to me about sports, art forms, casteism, inspiration, history, literature, science, innovation, human rights, revolution, nature, and much more! ⁣

These are none other than immensely committed and passionate everyday people from the countryside. ⁣

Happy Teacher’s Day! ⁣

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