Everyday Heroes of Rural India

This series is about everyday people from the villages that are challenging the societal odds and bringing a change in their community. These are farmers, labourers, poets, athletes, sculptors, barbers, musicians, people with disabilities, and much more. They are challenging casteism, patriarchy, name calling and discrimination, inequality, and many other odds. 

Last Generation Artists

This series is about dying art forms and vanishing livelihoods from the countryside.

Overcoming Physical Disability To Realise Their Dreams

How often do we ignore the stories of the disabled? What does their life look like? In this section, I write about the everyday people who have risen above their disability and are challenging the conservative mindset. These superheroes have been an inspiration to hundreds and thousands of people in their region.

Disaster, Human-Wildlife Conflict and Protests

This section is a collection of my reportage from the flood affected areas, several farmer’s protests across the nation and how climate change is affecting the local communities in rural India. 

Rural Poets and Authors

In this section, I have written about brilliant poets and authors from the villages who are challenging the societal odds with their literature. They are leading a silent revolution in the communities and bringing strong powerful changes.